Studio Brubaker logo illustration with pink background and purple swirl typography.

About the studio

Founded in the middle of a pandemic, and during the most contentious election ever, Studio Brubaker made an immediate impact creating unique digital content for over 50 organizations, campaigns, candidates, non-profits, and brands. Studio Brubaker shows no signs of slowing down, though, as we continue to put our skills and expertise to use making the world a better place.

Studio Brubaker founder, Garret Brubaker.

Meet studio founder Garret Brubaker

Garret started his video production career in the branded advertising world and later moved into politics when his mayor ran for president. He's used that experience to help tell engaging stories through video and design for a wide range of companies, candidates organizations, and movements. He also has and impressive LEGO collection.

2021 Reel

In 2021, Studio Brubaker continued to work with a multitude of campaigns, causes, companies, and clients. Check out some of the highlights here.